Festive start rerouting A9 Badhoevedorp [video]

Badhoevedorp – Today there is history written under the A9 viaduct at Sloterweg. Today was the official start for the rerouting of the A9 motorway. This highway runs straight through Badhoevedorp. By 2018 is the A9 highway along the village Badhoevedorp. Circus ‘Acrobatico’ climbed to each other and pulled a cloth from the viaduct and so revealed an Artist’s impression. The Artist’s impression gives an impression about the vision of Badhoevedorp after 2018. The celebrations under the viaduct consisted of inspiring speeches, great performance of dance school ‘Ponne’, a spectacular performance by Circus ‘Acrobatico’ and a beautiful song sung by ‘Meezingkoor’ Choir Badhoevedorp.