MUSEUMWEEKEND at Steam pumping station Halfweg

Halfweg, Netherlands – During the museum weekend from Saturday 5 april and Sunday 6 april steam pumping station Museum at Halfweg opens its doors again. The days the old steam pumping station is under steam. During the museum weekend you can feel the atmosphere of the working steam pumping station.

A wonderful and unique experience. The boiler fire, the steam, the smell of lubricating oil, the pounding steam engine, the vibrant water, propelled by six huge Paddlewheels.

Steam pumping station Museum Halfweg is the oldest and largest still operational steam-powered paddle-wheel pumping station in the world.

Museum steam pumping station Halfweg (during the museum weekend 2013)

Forge in Museum steam pumping station Halfweg (during the museum weekend 2013)


Opening hours: 10:00-16: 00.

Around 11: 30 pm is the steam engine started.


Steam pumping station Museum at Halfweg. In Dutch it means: ‘Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg

Haarlemmermeerstraat 4,  1165 HJ,  Halfweg, Netherlands

Huge Fire destroys building in the Parellaan Street in Hoofddorp [VIDEO-update]

Friday 14th of March 2014 around half past twelve in the night there was a huge  fire in a big building in the Parellaan Street in Hoofddorp.

The Fire fighter departement has with several  firefightertroops from many regionsprevented that the fire wouldspread out to other buildings. Because of the fire the building has partly collapsed .In the building wich has cathed fire was a company which made clothes. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Video 1: Big Fire

Video 2: Big Fire, the day after

Plane spotting at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport SchipholSchiphol Airport is located In the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.  It is the largest Dutch airport and one of the most important airports in Europe.

Air traffic at Schiphol uses six runways.

Overview of the runways

 At Schiphol, there are three official spotters places:


Panoramaterras Means Panorama Terrace. From the Panorama terrace at Schiphol airport you can enjoy the beautiful view of the platform. Here you can see the handling procedures of aircraft, aircraft taxiing and in the distance, taking off and landing aircraft. Around the panorama terrace are several restaurants.Adress: Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP, Schiphol, the Netherlands
De Polderbaan You can see the aircraft land or take off here. There are mobile toilets. Some days there is a snack car.Adress: IJweg 614, 2141 CN Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands
De Buitenveldertbaan You can see the aircraft land or take off here. This official spotters place is located near a  McDonald ‘s restaurant.Adress: Loevesteinse Randweg 230, 1118 EL Schiphol, the Netherlands


Just check out the following videos:


De polderbaan at sunset

De Polderbaan. Music: Sweet Plane – UGLi

The Dutch police helicopters are stationed at Schiphol East.

The Dutch Policehelicopters Schiphol East

The Aviation police, in the Netherlands known as the Dienst Luchtvaart Politie (Police Aviation Service), provides assistance from the air, for example by monitoring large-scale events and tracking lost persons. The unit uses helicopters that can be fitted with special equipment such as video and infrared cameras. Another of their responsibilities is to investigate all aircraft accidents.

.Look at the next videos.

3 Police Helicopters landings

POLICE05, PH-PXE, De Eurocopter EC 135 hangar arrival Schiphol-Oost

Registrations en callsigns.

Eurocopters EC135







AgustaWestlands AW139