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The arrival of Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) and Zwarte Pieten (Black Pete) arrives in the Netherlands each year in mid-November (usually on a Saturday) by steamboat from Spain.

Sinterklaas and  the Zwarte Pieten are welcomed by children cheering and singing traditional Sinterklaas songs.

Sinterklaas and  the Zwarte Pieten visit all the towns, villages, schools, shopping malls and other places where many children.In places a boat cannot reach, Sinterklaas arrives by train, horse, horse-drawn carriage, policecar or even a fire truck.

Shoppingcenter  Getsewoud  Nieuw-Vennep (23 november 2013)

Halfweg – Zwanenburg Center ( 23 november 2013)

Zwarte Piet Wedding Hoofddorp Center (17 november 2013)

Shoppingcenter Floriande Hoofddorp (16 november 2013)

Sinterklaas Badhoevedorp (16 november 2013)

School de Tovercirkel Hoofddorp (5 december 2012)

The Miraculous Entry Hoofddorp Center (18 november 2012)

Shoppingcenter  ’t Paradijs  Hoofddorp (17 november 2012)

Childeren’s farm ‘de Hoeve’ Badhoevedorp

Childeren’s farm ‘de Hoeve’ in Badhoevedorp is located in a big park with a playground. On walking distance there is a shopping centre and a busstop . There are many thing to do. If you want to know what? See the next video.

Adress: Snelliuslaan 31, 1171 CZ, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands

The childeren’s farm is open from  tuesday until sunday.

From 1 march untill 1 november: tuesday  untill friday from  9.30 hr – 16.30 hr ; saturday  en and sunday 10.00 hr tot 16.30 hr.

From 1 november untill 1 march: tuesday  untill friday from  9.30 hr – 16.30 hr ; saturday  en and sunday 10.00 hr tot 16.00 hr..

The childeren’s farm is closed at: christmasday, newyearsday and Kingsday.

Christmas market Badhoevedorp; ‘Joy to the World’ [video]

Yesterday there was Christmas market on the Pa Verkuyllaan and Lorentzplein in Badhoevedorp. It was a nice Christmas market. At the end of the afternoon I stopped by the nativity scene. The Ungulates stopped their services. Two shepherds made ​​them ready for departure. While the Ungulates were in the relaxing mode and enjoyed the attention of visitors they seemed to say something.

“Joy to the World”

Festive start rerouting A9 Badhoevedorp [video]

Badhoevedorp – Today there is history written under the A9 viaduct at Sloterweg. Today was the official start for the rerouting of the A9 motorway. This highway runs straight through Badhoevedorp. By 2018 is the A9 highway along the village Badhoevedorp. Circus ‘Acrobatico’ climbed to each other and pulled a cloth from the viaduct and so revealed an Artist’s impression. The Artist’s impression gives an impression about the vision of Badhoevedorp after 2018. The celebrations under the viaduct consisted of inspiring speeches, great performance of dance school ‘Ponne’, a spectacular performance by Circus ‘Acrobatico’ and a beautiful song sung by ‘Meezingkoor’ Choir Badhoevedorp.