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Coca Cola Truck @ Winterland Hoofddorp [video]

From a distance you could hear “ho-ho-ho” and clanging of a bell.The cheerful Santa Claus, Christmas Elves and the famous Coca Cola Christmas truck made it a magical Christmas feeling. Before he left Winterland Hoofddorp. Santa Claus waved and stepped into his Coca Cola Christmas truck and rolled right past Winterland Hoofddorp. See for yourself at the video!

X-Mas Tree Light Up! Winterland Hoofddorp [video]

Hoofddorp – Saturday afternoon at the ‘Raadhuisplein’ Square there was a cozy atmosphere in Winterland Hoofddorp. Around 17:00 hours, hundreds of people gathered for a giant Christmas tree.The tree has a length of 12 meters. The Christmas tree was so beautiful that Santa was landed to take a look. Suddenly we heard celestial sounds. Ten beautiful violin playing angels came closer and closer. For the Christmas tree they played beautiful Christmas songs. Later, an angel went up and hung out with her wand high next to the top of the Christmas tree. She hit the tree with her ​​wand, and then went hundreds of lights illuminate.