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Honking train, after heavy abuse on a conductress NS (Dutch railway) [video]

Hoofddorp, Netherlands – The NS staff send off, this morning, an eardeafening sound. Exactly at 9:00, the trains all over the Netherlands were honking to show their protest against the ongoing violence against the train staff. Treinstation Hoofddorp

On the night of Thursday to Friday a headconductress of NS was on the train from Schiphol to Hoofddorp, where she got beaten so hard  by a passenger that she ended up in the hospital with serieus injuries. On Saturday, a conducter in Helmond got kicked and spit on.

The NS and the trade union wants the politics to take serious measures.

Video: honking trains on station Hoofddorp


Huge Fire destroys building in the Parellaan Street in Hoofddorp [VIDEO-update]

Friday 14th of March 2014 around half past twelve in the night there was a huge  fire in a big building in the Parellaan Street in Hoofddorp.

The Fire fighter departement has with several  firefightertroops from many regionsprevented that the fire wouldspread out to other buildings. Because of the fire the building has partly collapsed .In the building wich has cathed fire was a company which made clothes. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Video 1: Big Fire

Video 2: Big Fire, the day after

‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ which means The Children’sBeastParty

‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ which means The Children’s BeastParty

‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ is a private party for the chronically ill and / or disabled children up to 16 years together with their parents, brothers and sisters. The festival is organized by the Foundation ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ in partnership with Natura Artis Magistra and the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Navy, Customs, Royal Military Police, the Red Cross, Rescue brigade and the City of Amsterdam. A special evening where the kids can just forget about their illness and be themselves.

The children are picked up in ambulances, fire trucks, police cars or other vehicle and visit the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam and are then brought back to the hospital or other residential address.

‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ event celebrates 15 years and will be held on Friday, June 6, 2014.

Watch the following videos of departure and arrival of ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ convoy through Hoofddorp.

Return convoy ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ 2013 video Denice Ann (11 years old)

Return convoy ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ 2013  from Spaarne Hospital Hoofddorp to Haarlem

Return convoy ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ 2013 from Artis Zoo back in Hoofddorp

Departure (Cam2) convoy ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ 2013 from Spaarnestad hospital and past fire station Hoofddorp

Departure (Cam1) convoy ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ 2013 from Spaarne hospital and past fire station Hoofddorp

Departure convoy ‘Het KinderBeestFeest’ Hoofddorp (June 1, 2012)