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Groene Weelde recreational area

Groene Weelde is a recreational area lies between Hoofddorp, Cruquius and Vijfhuizen. It is a beautiful, large and varied recreation area. With forests, playgrounds, lakes. Dogs can run loose almost anywhere. In the middle of the recreation area lies a high pyramid-shaped hill. These big hill named Big Spotters Hill. From this hill you have a wonderful view over the surrounding area.

It is possible to walk to the Haarlemmermeersebos. Using a viaduct under the provincial road (N205)

‘Laat de zomer in je Hart’ A Dutch song Wolter Kroes which means ‘Let the summer in your heart‘

‘Who Let The Dogs Out!’  Music from Baha man

‘Natural sounds’

You can park (free) at the Pancake restaurant on the Kruisweg 1625 in Cruquius

Address: Kruisweg  1625, 2142 LC, Cruquius, Netherlands

Haarlemmermeersebos forest Hoofddorp

Haarlemmermeersebos  is a large park-like area around a recreational lake in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

The recreation area is a regional attraction for sightseers, nature lovers, walkers, groomers, cyclists, swimmers, surfers, dog owners, riders and anglers.

There are several restaurants and lots of attractive play.
Haarlemmermeerse forest is a beauty of a forest.

See for yourself!

Summer Morning in the Haarlemmermeersebos (May 27, 2013)

Snow fun! Winter in the Haarlemmermeerserbos (January 15, 2013)

‘Reem Remmelraah “playset (June 9, 2013)

Take a walk in Wandelbos Groenendaal

Wandelbos Groenendaal is managed ecologically. This means among other things that fallen trees and broken branches lie. In addition, the herbal vegetation kept in check by Scottish Highland Cattle.

The forest provides plenty of recreational opportunities for young and old. In the northern part of Sparrenlaan to Ritzema Boskade. Walking the dog may In the area south of the Sparrenlaan dogs are not allowed. In the forest include a petting zoo, playground, restaurant and various sports and scouting clubs.

Address: 5 Groenendaal 2104 WP Heemstede (North-Holland)

Want to know how it looks in the fall check out the following video!