Storm in The Netherlands [video]

HOOFDDORP –  Hundreds of reports of storm damages are coming from the national monitoring centre. But it is not only the firefighters who went forth to a fallen tree or for securing a dangerous situation. This was well demonstrated in Hoofddorp.

At Hoofddorp is around 10.30 a large tree with roots blown out of the ground. The tree fell on a streetlight and blocked the way. Employees of the Water Wolf and AMgroep were busy with the removal of the tree and securing this dangerous situation. Imtech company took the electricity from the broken lamp and so she could be safely removed.

Take a look!

Take a walk in Wandelbos Groenendaal

Wandelbos Groenendaal is managed ecologically. This means among other things that fallen trees and broken branches lie. In addition, the herbal vegetation kept in check by Scottish Highland Cattle.

The forest provides plenty of recreational opportunities for young and old. In the northern part of Sparrenlaan to Ritzema Boskade. Walking the dog may In the area south of the Sparrenlaan dogs are not allowed. In the forest include a petting zoo, playground, restaurant and various sports and scouting clubs.

Address: 5 Groenendaal 2104 WP Heemstede (North-Holland)

Want to know how it looks in the fall check out the following video!